Miui 9 China Stable Rom V9.1.2.0.nbdcneifor Mi Max Prime / Mi Max 32gb Have Been Released.


Jul 9, 2016
Dear ingbrzy,

Got the eu rom Mi Max Prime and 32GB on my PC now! I'm flashing it soon! :)

Thank you so much again for speedy response and cooking! Delicious indeed! :)
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Mar 3, 2017
After wiping partitions such as system, dalvik, cache, and so on, tried to install and got an error. Check the file (no /system partition found)

Same happens with MIMAXPro_V8.5.1. In this case the error I get is (no /cust partition).

I'm not trying to make an update in my phone but a fresh installation. Are these ROMS just updates?

------------ Edit

So, after reading some posts I think I've erased some important partitions (such /cust). How could I screw it up? I just used TWRP wipe menu and it's quite safe for humans. Maybe some problem with flashing? Will I be safe if I flash the original MIUI global ROM? Maybe I could loose the recovery loader but at least the phone would boot.


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