MIUI Buit in APN settings for Providers.


Jun 13, 2011
Hello, firstly I am with Rogers Wireless in Canada. I understand MIUI has pre- installed APN settings for most Celluar providers. When ever I install MIUI I always have to change the APN MMS settings from
MMSC :http://mms.grps.rogers.com <--- MIUI preinstall not correct
to this.. notice the very small difference *grps* to *gprs*
MMSC :http://mms.gprs.rogers.com <--- correct
Its just a small typo that hopefully someone can fix.
Mark can you please work some magic? Thanks.
Why not just use APN BackUP from Market

Won't matter what rom you are on
Whether your restoring your APN from backup or switching 2 simple letters around, its an extra step that could be easily fixed and avoided all together. Just thinking of new people loading the Rom and wondering why the heck they can't MMS on Rogers.

I just prefer backup methods, whether APN's or apps etc to be universal not tied to one rom