MIUI for Droid 2

Do you want MIUI to be ported to Droid 2

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Jan 11, 2011
Is it even possible to port MIUI to be used on D2. I am a big fan of MIUI and has been using it on my OG Droid for a long time besides checking other ROMs but eventually coming back to MIUI for my satisfaction... But now I got a D2 for replacement and now I will miss the ROM which is not good :(

Is it possible and if yes can someone plz look into it and help us all who are on D2!! I am not a techie guy in this field, I can try if there is a writeup to do it easily or if there is a developer who can guide me I will be trying to do the port. If I am successful the developer can put it under his name (I do not want the credit)

So the bottom-line we need MIUI for droid2 and any help would be appreciated.....

looks like some ones trying it out. and sounds like they could use a little help.

Thanks for the notification but It looks like I will have to wait for this... I am all there and on top of that now I have a Droid 2 Global which unfortunately is a little different than D2 (radio difference)... If it works for D2 then I will certainly give it a shot to have it work on D2G...

Thanks again for the notification!