MIUI gallery: WhatsApp images sorted by sender


Feb 28, 2017
Hello to everyone! :) I apologize in advance for my question being not very well detailed but this is the best I can do, based on my memories. I own a Mi Note 10 with the latest Xiaomi.eu 21.6.30. There was a point (but I really don't remember what version I was using back then; maybe it was the 21.6.16 but I'm not sure about that) when I've casually discovered a very well thought feature of the gallery app: the images inside the WhatsApp images album were sorted by sender.
It is a great feature I'm not aware of having seen before in any other Android gallery app. I haven't ever used it again but today, after updating and seeing that the file manager app was redesigned, I've recalled it and started searching for it to no avail. It seems disappeared. I'm sure about having actually seen it and it is such a feature that doesn't deserve to be removed so where am I wrong?
Thanks in advance to everyone for the advices. :)