MIUI ICS 2.3.23 Xiaomi M1


Mar 29, 2012
Hello i just got my Xiaomi M1 Mi-one today and got some qustions.
I have a mac and own a iphone and the questions are:
1: how do people sync address book,
2: music/playlist (itunes)
3: calender to the ICS MIUI?
4: is there any free sync tool that can do all this and still use the defualt miui player?

I have been searching and found missing sync that do a lot of syncing for android phones but i wanted to have all that for free since im used to mac and iphone.

I have also looked into doubletwist as an alternative have anybody here been using that? and now how good it is?

The best person to ask about MI-One is Mark as he has one. You can start a convo with him here on the forums or catch him on IRC Chat in the evening GMT+0 ard 19:00. He would be able to give you the appropiate advice.

Though I own a Macbook Air, I typically do not use the Address Book on it. I use Google Contacts and Google Calendar exclusively and both sync to my Xiaomi automatically. My colleague uses iCal that syncs all our joint calendars using IMAP. That should allow your devices to sync the calendars.
After some searching i found out that i would use:
Doubletwist for music since it autosync my itunes playlist and support those and for the rest i use SyncMate on my mac.
That support the adress book, safari bookmarks, ical and some other stuff i dont use.

Both could do that wireless when the softwares are turned on and works nice since i use the ical and doubletwist airplay.

Thanks for the answers :)