MIUI keeps enabling car mode


Jun 29, 2011

I own a HTC Desire HD with MIUI 1.6.24 installed from this site. I have not installed any mods or kernels.

Since a few days, a steering wheel pops up in the notification bar saying 'Car mode enabled'. It pops up just randomly, without being plugged in to a power source or USB connection.
The notification is fine with me, but the actual car mode is a bit irritating. The screen stays on when the car mode is enabled, and it automatically overrides the screen rotation settings. The screen rotates even if the toggles and settings say 'auto-rotation' is off.

You can switch off the car mode by pressing the notification in the notification bar, but the screen just keeps rotating. In most cases, within 5 minutes car mode is back and keeps the screen on.

The screen rotation is annoying, I don't like auto rotation. But what is more annoying is the battery drain caused by the screen to stay on due to the enabled car mode. When the phone is in my pocket, I think the screen is off. But the car mode enables the screen and keeps it active for a unlimited amount of time, causing the battery to drain.

I have already wiped everything and re-installed the ROM & language-pack, but it still comes back.
There are no options available in the settings menu for the car mode.

I've already searched, and there is a fellow on the MIUI.us board who has the same problem: http://forums.miui.us/showthread.ph...ode-(no-car-dock-apps-from-the-market-please)

I personally own a factory HTC-charger (it came with the phone). But I used a week ago a friends HTC G7 power loader when I was at his place.

Is there any way to disable the automatic enabling of car mode? Or just freeze the car mode module so it stops working?

Thanks in advance!