Miui Lockscreen Issue

Sep 9, 2012
Hi all! I'm on a DroidX w/ MIUI based off 2.3.7 GB. I'm having a slight issue...Certain lockscreens (As part of themes or otherwise) are occasionally incompatible with my phone, mess up and cause me to be stuck on a blank lockscreen and unable to unlock the phone. I will only see the notification bar and the wallpaper, with no lockscreen area. One time when this happened, I was able to mess around and I eventually found out how to pull the lockcode screen up by using haptic feedback, but this time I cannot figure out how to do so (The phone does not vibrate at all no matter where I put and drag my finger on the screen)! Is there a way to fix this without doing a factory reset on the phone?

EDIT - - - I figured out that I was able to hold and drag from the left corner of the screen to bring up the lock code screen...Fixed! But still, is there a way to consistently pull the lock code screen up if this happens again? Thank you!!!