Miui Phone Number Reporting And Blocking

May 20, 2016
Hi! I'm sorry if this has been asked before but i've been searching for hours on google without any result.

I was wondering how to open the menu that list rules for blocking calls depending on their category (sales, headhunter, harrasment) and their report count before being blocked on the miui 7 from xiaomi.eu roms?

I had opened it once when i reported a number as a sales number, the button to go to that menu just kinda pops up after i marked it as sales and it asked me if i want to block certain calls by category. And after i set it, i cleared the recents screen so i have no idea where it was.

i've been searching at the settings menu, the security app menu, and the phone app's setting without any result.
can anyone inform me as to where i could find this menu?

ps. i'm not talking about blocking the number one by one, i'm talking about the automatic blocking if a certain number has been reported numerous times by miui rom user.