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Jan 7, 2014
the radio installed in the v5 is not so good, so I installed an older version of the radio. It works an I have stereo and rds. But if I try Spirit FM then I can only choose Chinese channels but nut a broadcast from Europe. The question is can Spirit work on the Hongmi
Jan 3, 2014
from the creator

Originally Posted by clio94

Hello.Do you have any plans to make spirit fm compatible with chinese devices that have mtk6589 chipset? I have thl w7 and the fm app that have is a little childish compared to spirit.I allready use the unlocked version in galaxy note and hd2 and i am happy so i am searching if possible to work in my new phone
Thank you for your great work

No, see 2 previous posts above.

There is little hope for Spirit to ever support MediaTek. Sadly, I'd guess MediaTek support would be over 99% pirated, maybe even 99.9%, and mostly from the obvious country that can't access Play anyway.

Otherwise the piracy rates are likely a much more manageable 90+%, maybe at little as 80% if I'm being too cynical.

I get at least a dozen pirate debug logs every day, most from that country with a culture that doesn't recognize Intellectual Property. Supporting MediaTek might bring me support/revenue of 72.53€ ($100) if I'm lucky. And the debug logs would likely at least double to 2 dozen per day.
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