Miui theme Downloader keeps telling me to upgrade!


Jan 13, 2011
Hi everyone, new to miui here. First off, awesome rom! But sometimes when I go to the miui theme downloader and tap on the app it tells me to upgrade or that an upgrade is available so I tap allow and it brings me to the dev site and says on the site there is nothing there, so I'm a little confused as to why it always asks me that if there is nothing available?.. Is this an error or what am I doing wrong? Sorry if this has been adressed already,I searched and didn't see anything on this. I am on miui 1.3.5 for org.droid1 thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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+1 I have had this problem for awhile also. Currently running version 1.3.4

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I pretty much ignore the Theme Downloader. I either download themes from the theme releases forum and move the .mtz file to
/sdcard/MIUI/themes manually or I use Theme Manager to download themes as well as.to apply themes. I haven't found a reason for the Downloader to exist as a separate app.

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OK, I use that method to, well since I kinda don't use it to much anyway either was just wondering abt it. Would it hurt to just freeze it through t/b,and not even have it all? Then that way it won't use up my space on my phone or would that mess with the theme manager? Don't see why we even have it in the rom if we can't use it.

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