MIUI transparent bar with LauncherPro


Apr 7, 2011
Is it possible, while using Miui to get the transparent notification bar on LauncherPro Plus?

If not, how about Adw.Launcher or Go Launcher ?
Yes, I got it to work, although the process is tedious. Basically, I installed an app called ownskin from the market. It's a live wallpaper app that lets you edit them and what not. So you download a live wallpaper within the app (try to find one that doesn't have that much crap on it like built in time and whatnot), then select it within the app. Then long press it and select edit. In the edit menu, just resize all the useless "addons" within the live wallpaper until they're gone. After that, long press on your homescreen, select wallpaper, and select live wallpaper. Select ownskin wallpaper, then wallpaper settings. From there, go into the background options, select background, crop off, and select your wallpaper. Apply it and then press home. The bar should now be transparent with your wallpaper of choice in the background. Hope these instructions aren't too hard to follow!