MIUI will it ever bless the Vibrant?

Dec 17, 2010
I'm searching up and down for threads asking this same question, and unfortunately none.

Well what are the reasons barring a port to the Vibrant?

IS it a CDMA/GSM thing?
Nov 7, 2010
Someone that has a vibrant needs to know how to translate it. the people who translate and port miui usually have the phone they are doing it for.

So you will most likely
A. Need a person with the know how and knowledge to do the above and continuously update it.

B. They have to want the Rom and be willing to share

C. Have a vibrant

But, I could be wrong about all of the above, its just my thoughts

Cdma/gsm is not the issue its on the evo cdma and nexus gsm

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Nov 9, 2010
I'm pretty sure its a 2.2 thing. Once the official froyo is out w/ updated drivers(so everything works) it shouldn't be too hard to find someone willing to port. Here's the catch, the dev will need to have a vibrant to port the ROM

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