Miui8 Battery Problems


Oct 2, 2012
Hi all,

I have problems with all MIUI8 releases with huge battery drains. I tried almost everything but I cannot find a solution. My device never goes in deep sleep, stays warm and drains the battery to 0 in 4 hours without touching the phone. This is going on for weeks now, I cannot use MIUI8 or 8.1 because of this. MIUI7 is rock solid, over 6 hours SOT and heavy use of phone, all accounts syncing.

Yesterday I did a final test to make sure it's not firmware related. I did a complete reset/wipe and flashed with XiaoMiFlash tool (flashall.bat). It cannot get any cleaner then this. The device booted, I did the initial setup (connect wifi, connect google account, skipped Xiaomi account and no security on the phone). I updated the apps from the Play Store and just put my phone on my desk, screen turned off. Drained in 6 hours :-(

In the last week, I tried to flash the 8.1 stable (a lot of users say that this is way better in battery life then previous versions), latest weekly (3/11) and the latest global from miui.com ( They all have the same issue, makes no difference which I take.

Some details about the battery drain:
- Android services is the big drain, but no idea exactly what this is
- Tried with greenify and amplify to extend battery life, but they don't do much
- Logged everything with Better Battery Stats but this only shows that the phone never goes into deep sleep
- What I noticed on MIUI8 is that my cellular signal drops away, it looks like the phone is constantly looking for network. This is not the case in MIUI7.

Any advice will be appreciated!
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Nov 23, 2016
I have the same trouble with mi5/64gb..

May I ask you to turn power off your phone and keep this way approximately 6-8 hours (such as during night) after it is fully charged.
Let us see ıf it drains even if it is fully powered off..

I turned mine power off after 100% charged and 9 hours later when I turned on it is displayed 45% charged, meaning drain is 5% per hour when off..
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