Mobile Data Problems

Jan 12, 2016
Hello guys, I bought Redmi note 3, it came this morning, I installed SphinXv1d rom everything is ok except one thing. I cannot use my mobile data, it works perfect with wifi, but as far as I disable wifi, internet is lost although mobile data is enabled. I have tried everything: reseted APN settings couple of time, turn the airplane mode on and off, restarted the phone few times, installed sphinkXv2a rom and nothing seems to be working. I have tried to test the mobile internet connection and it said that mobile internet is working properly. But when i'm trying to reach the internet with chrome or any other browser with wifi disabled it says "couldn't load this page". Guys do you have any ideas what may cause this problem? P.S. in the right corner of my redmi note 3 it shows my network provider and 4g sign, therefore that makes me think that it connected to the provider properly plus I can make calls and send sms...