Mobile Phone Destroys Simcards


Aug 1, 2016
Hello forum guys!

So i tell whats my problem!
7 month ago i bought a xiaomi redmi note 3 pro from aliexpress and i live in Austria (europe)
But now every month the phone starts to destroy the simcards...
How it starts...
Everything works fine b ht then sometimes i cannot call or i can write messanges and suddenly the phone tells me i have no more connection (looks like i put the simcard away but it is still inside the phone) so i have to restart and then the simcard works for another hour. After some times restarting the simcard doesnt work anymore and i have to buy a new one and this costs everytime about 20€

And yesterday my 4th one broke down!

Do know that problem and do you have some solutions? Or do you know how i can resolve it with the guarantee?
Or do i get no help?

Or where do i get the help?

Thank you very much
And best wishes