Most common Weather Clock


Jun 13, 2011
I am currently using MIUI Digital Weather Clock v3.0.8 However when I look closely at almost every single photo, I see that people are using something different. What is the most common weather clock that everyone is running. The one I have is close, but I like the one I see in pictures better.
There is an official MIUI weather app/widget that was ported to work outside of China by Mark. This app, however, has been since discontinued. Developers over at xda, among other places, were taking credit for his work which cost him time and money (he had to host the weather service on his own server). People have been complete idiots about this situation, so it seems unlikely that Mark will resume support for this app.
Hope this helps.

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I use Go Weather. There is a skin to make it look like the MIUI weather plus others you can DL. I also like I because it has detailed forecast. Check it out I think you'll like it.

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I think alot of people are using the very minimalistic widget from "simi clock" or perhaps even "minimalistic text". Both of them are completely free and the "simi clock" one even has a very nice calendar widget aswell now.