Motorolla D1 Download / Reboot / Recovery Issue HELP!


Dec 7, 2010
1. Whenever I download anything from the market my phone reboots. Anything (seriously)
2. I can't even reboot into recovery mode... manually (power on - pressing x), with rom manager, or with MIUI backup. It will sit on the motorolla logo and then boot back into 12.31. (which is weird because the phone still works, I just can download and can't go to recovery mode to kill 12.31.

Issue started after the download and install of D1-MIUI-

Any ideas?? I can't install anything.

Model number - Droid
Version - 2.2.1
Baseband - C_01.3E.03P
Kernel - 2.6.329-g103d848
Build number - D1-MIUI-

Thanks for any help

There may be problems with your recovery. I flashed over to an alternate recovery .99b and re-flashed it back to Rom manager's 2.5.01 version. I also had problems with the reboot after trying to download an app from market. I found out that I had to do a full wipe before installing MIUI. Hope that helps you.