Moving you apps from internal to external storage

Graham Robson

Apr 25, 2012
Hi, I have a Xiao Mi One. I am trying to move my apps to the SD card. I have tried all the different apps available to do this, app2sd, link2sd and so on, nothing works. With those the move to SD button is grayed out.
I have Titanium Backup Pro installed. From the list of movable apps, 170 to be precise, I can move them, anti-virus re-scans the app and the movable apps list reduces by 1 for each app you move so it appears to be working.
Once you exit TB however and check nothing has actually been moved at all. When you go back into TB the movable apps list has gone back to 170 again.

Now TB requires debugging to be enabled and root management permission monitoring too so I have both of those on. You don't exactly have to do anything as far as rooting this phone is concerned because it's the Xiao Mi One.

I am at a complete loss. I did read something about having a separate partition on the SD card but I couldn't figure that out. I tried this, ext3 and 4. The phone could not see the partition. Both partitions were set as primary as stated in the instructions I was using.

So does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this phone to move my apps to SD? Does it need another partition or not? Some apps I have read about mention a separate partition and some don't.

Any help would be appreciated as my internal storage is maxed out now. :(

You shouldn't need the extra partition on the SD card. The feature requires Android 2.2 or newer and also requires the app to support it (not all apps support that for some reason).

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Yeah but that would be the point, at least one point, for using Titanium backup, it allows you to overcome the restriction with some apps and move them regardless of whether the developer supported the option or not. So anyone else know why it fails? It won't move any app at all.