New Multiple Bugs with AOD REDMI Note 10 Pro


Apr 24, 2021
Thanks for the ROM!
I have some problems with the AOD in 12.5.1 on REDMI Note 10 Pro.
First of all, when I change to ultra energy saver it turns off what is obviously correct. But it doesn't turn on again when I leave to normal mode. Same with the setting for animations of AOD.

Next Bug, this Animations are not working when getting Notifications. They only work during charging. It doesn't change of I'm in normal energy saver mode or not.

And last, the AOD-Theme "outer space" has a wrong timing in showing the position of the sun. I would say it's 2 hours early and for sure not synchronised with system time, as it's described to be.

Maybe someone finds the time to fix some of the bugs. Thanks!