New Music Player Bugs Redmi Note 2

Jan 7, 2015
My Redmi Note 2 has the last weekly but, also in this last release, Music Player is full of bugs. Firs of all it doesn't download album art, even if I try to change artist or album names. Then the widget....useless! It doesn't shows album art or the music that is in play! Least but don't last the music player widget on works but, if I want to change song I have to di it very quickly because after a couple of seconds lockscreen turns off... It seem that I am not tapping on the screen, so the smartphone turns off lockscreen...hope there will be a fix because i just love this player....Ah, I forgot it....there is a way to change song (when phone is turned off) with volume keys???
Feb 4, 2015
Mine is doing the same thing on my redmi note 2

Album pictured is not show. Very long time to detect all my song (7500). I don't want to use another player but i have no choice to do it if i want to ear some music.
Hope this will fixe on the stable release.