my evo wont charge


Feb 6, 2011
i installed a backup of miui now it wont charge. it only charges when i turn the phone off. anyone know why?
No but that would suck. Which version of MIUI are you using?

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I am having the same issue, sometimes even worse where it won't charge even when it is off or it will show that it is charging but some how some way the battery drains while im not using it. I love this rom but there is always some huge issue that doesn't allow me to use, before it was rebooting and now it is this. I am using the latest miui rom and some of the things i have tried to correct this problem is: fresh install using caulkin's format, flashing a new kernel (using tiamat 3.3.7), beating my head on a wall, and now I am here seeking help. thanks for the help in advance guys
Let the battery run out, letting the phone die. Then, charge it WITHOUT turning it on - at first, when it's dead, it'll have a blinking orange light. A few minutes later the light will stay solid. Then and only then, turn it back on (it should charge then) or wait until the light turns fully green. I've had to do that a couple times.