Need help switching from global to EU rom


Jul 16, 2021
I have been using MIUI Global 11.0.5 | stable QEAMIXM for a looong time. I have TWRP installed and the device is rooted.
Recently i wanted to update via OTA to miui QEAMIXM stable, but after a few time trying i started to research.
So i can not OTA with TWRP installed.

After a bit of research, i wanted to switch to latest stable XIAOMI.EU rom.
So I am backing up my device right now. Afterwards i want to make a fresh install with your latest rom.
The device is "MI 8" (Model M1803E1A)

So please help me about;

-What are possible problems i may face with?
-Which path should I follow?
-How should I better install it?
-Is there any precautions to take not to make the device brick?
-Do I need to activate any setting before changing to another rom (global to EU) ?
-Do I need to do anything with the MIUI account currently logged in? Is there any chance the device gets locked? How to prevent?

P.s. : what is in my mind :

1-) update TWRP
2-) download latest rom version
3-) delete everything in TWRP ( data, cache, dalvik etc )
4-) send the rom from windows computer to phone with data cable (does this work?) (i dont have SD card?)
5-) install the rom
6-) enjoy

is it that easy? Or am I missing some information?



Oct 3, 2019

You will have to do a clean installation (= format data) if you want to switch to a ROM. ;)

Steps are:

1) Flash the latest TWRP, made for your device =>
2) Download the latest Stable ROM by, made for your device:
3) Send the ROM to your phone (in TWRP, enable MTP/Mount USB if not already enabled)
4) Install the ROM
5) Do not reboot after installation, go back in main TWRP menu
6) Go in "Wipe" menu => "Format Data" button => Type ' yes ' to confirm => OK
7) Reboot your device

8) After finishing the first configuration wizard, you can install Magisk v23.0 in TWRP (root your device) then reboot your device

Done! :)
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Jul 16, 2021
Backed up, formatted all data, sent the rom, now flashing..... hope it all goes well, thanks Poney70!

edit, stuck at "MIUI" text in boot... since 3-4 minutes.. will wait a little more :(

edit2 : took around 5 minutes for first installation screen to show up, but it works! :D
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Jul 16, 2021
With my old rom (xiaomi global) i was getting lte+ connection (or called 4g+ or 4.5g) and i was getting download and upload speeds up to 150/50mbit

With this version it feels like the rom is preferring 4g instead of 4g+, and 3g instead of 4g....

I manually go to sim card settings, select 3g preferred and then back to lte preferred, only then it connects to 4g but still no 4g+...

Is that a bug ? Any of you have a solution for this?
If this is a bug where should i report it?