Need help unbricking - will donate for a fix!


Jul 4, 2011

I have a Mytouch 4G

One day, my volume decided to go all the way down to vibrate on its own and ever since, my volume up key has never worked.

Last night, I decided to flash my phone. When I rebooted, black screen, but it turns on. Here's what happens:

Normal boot: flashing orange LED, vibrates 3 times, black screen, nothing happens

Volume down + boot: Solid green LED, vibrates 5 times, black screen, nothing happens

Volume up + boot: Same as normal boot because my volume up button does not work

That said, I need to get to recovery screen or something other than a black screen without the use of the volume up button. How can I make this possible?

I don't care if it's your own idea, a borrowed idea, or a link or even a youtube video. I've searched all over the internet and found only one case not only similar to mine but IDENTICAL, at this link (I've already tried the few suggested solutions at this link):

** If you can find a resolution for my issue, I will donate $50 to the site
Have you tried using droid explorer, a computer based program, it has a button to boot into recovery mode so no interaction with the phone is necessary except to plug it into the usb that is connected to the computer. You just power it on and once it is recognized push the button to boot into recovery and voila, you're there.

Closer! It actually detects my phone when it's off, but the usb is on. Unfortunately, when I click boot to recovery mode, it still flashes orange LED and vibrates 3 times with a black screen.

But the fact that it detects the phone is amazing. Perhaps there's something else we can do