Need help with custom roms for curtana


Mar 1, 2023
So i'm 100% new to, and i'm a bit confused. I don't know wheter i should install the custom rom and which one to install. My device is Redmi Note 9S.

The installation guide for curtana links this rom, which is meant to be installed using fastboot, but i found this rom that's based on the latest version available for curtana, the only problem is that it doesn't say fastboot on the name, so how am i supposed to install it? There's no official twrp for curtana, so should i use an unofficial version or can i install the rom using fastboot anyway?

Also, does the rom have any issues? I've seen some people saying on the threads that the latest version has battery issues, reboots randomly or some other issues. Is it worth installng either version or should i just stick to the normal global miui 13?

Thanks in advance for the help