Need Help With Installing Rom (adware Preinstalled)

Mar 4, 2015
I have received a Xiaomi Redmi Note LTE. I like the phone but unfortunately there's adware on that (also its version is, which is not an official ROM if I understood the support).
I tried Malware bytes, I removed a lot of bloatware through adb shell... It still pops up full screen ads.

I decided to flash my ROM. Unfortunately I've seen so many versions on how to that, that I'm lost :).

The official MiFlash tool does not see my phone in Fastboot mode. Others suggested that Fastboot flashing can hurt the phone, so I should use ClockWorkMod. On ClockWorkMod I did not find Xiaomi to be supported at all.

So, what's the easiest way to that? How are you doing it?


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Aug 20, 2011
Start from checking if the phone is original.

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Mar 4, 2015
Oh, and how can I check that?

I did check the IMEI number on and it showed me the Xiaomi Redmi 4G phone. Do you know a better check?

Also checked with CPU-Z. Proc is Qualcomm snapdragon 400, GPU is Adreno 305. Device in the software was identified as Redmi Note 4G (dior).
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