Network Detected, Can't Register

Dec 25, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have Redmi 3s and my phones detects 3g and 4g network but cant connect to them.
MIUI version: 8.2 by 6.12.22 Beta
Baseband version ENNS_Pack-1.77625.1.79628.1-v039
Kernel: 3.18.20-g16ef342

For 3g my network carrier use the frequency 2100 and for 4g 1800. My phones detects both networks but when i try to connect it says "Can't register on the network you selected".

Tryed several roms: Xiaomi eu rom, developer rom, official rom etc, tried with new sim card and using network sigal guru just to lock those bands, changing the sim slots, with 2 sim cards, nothing works.

Any suggestion what to do/try?

Dec 21, 2016
I have valid imei and the settings are OK ,lte,wcdma,gsm only can make calls at edge h+ connect for a moment 4 g detected in Manuel mode but dont connect

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