New Here

Oct 1, 2012
Hello All,

I'm new here and need some advice. I'm in the US and looking for a phone that will work on the AT&T network (850/1900mhz) and I came across the Mi-One S and it looks like a great little phone. I'm looking for a place to purchase the phone, wondering whether it will work on the ATT network, and am curious in learning more about Miui.

I came here with these questions as it's the first place I've found that seems well informed on the Mi-One S. I have found a retailer-, but their price seems a bit high and I've read horror stories about them being scammers. So my questions are - Are they scammers? Will they pretend to offer warranty service and then cut off communication? If there are software issues, will I be able to come here and correct them w/ a little tech savy?

Sorry for all these questions, but really apprehensive about buying a phone from China for the first time. Just need some encouragement.

BTW, didn't the price on this unit just drop to $240 USD? I can't find it lower than $320.
Mar 29, 2012
i bought a back cover and some screen protection from and was no problem at all went very fast and looked like a ok/good webshop to buy from. I even contacted them once regarding if they could add something to they store and they did that very fast. But for every webshop or seller in the world somebody will have good and somebody will have bad experience. Just go to your local supermarket and ask and somebody will love the store and somebody will not :) I don't think they are scammers since i got my stuff as fast as i thought i would and they answered my questions fast regarding my order.

If you have software issues or problems yes you can come here and ask and maybe somebody now how to fix it. I cant say 100% that it will be fixed or how long it will take but you will normally get and answer and help. So i would come here becuase of the large community that helps people.

If they phone works with AT&T i dont now but if the phone support the right network that AT&T uses it shouldnt be a problem. But somebody here probably use AT&T and can let you now. I dont use them since i live in Norway far far away from the US :D woho :D

Every site or person will charge you some more then what it cost from xiaomi becuase everybody wants some money for the work.
How much they want always depends on the person/website. If you contact maybe they lower there price if the new retail price from xiaomi is lowered. check out there is where i bought the phone.
Oct 1, 2012
I ended up ordering a phone from

I really hope this is legit as I am in need of a phone and don't want to deal w/ the hassle of returning the wrong phone. It just seems odd that they would have it in stock when it sold out everywhere in china in under 30m. Possibly since they stand to make such a profit from me? (I paid $335 w/ Fed-Ex 5 day shipping)...