new launcher2 fix 1.7.15


Jul 21, 2011
Hi. I flashed the new launcher with the folder fix and some gallery updates I think. I used OpenRecovery. Folder bug is gone, but I keep finding the status/notification bar just disappears every now and then. Any suggestions?

I'm using a Motorola Milestone A853, bootloader 90.78. MIUI 1.7.15 with English pack, A2SD+ scripts, launcher+gallery - used OpenRecovery to update in the order mentioned.
From this forum.

It seems like I'm the only one though...strange.
please. any suggestions. it is starting to really annoy me. To get the bar back I go to settings>personal>toggles and change from page to compact and back again.
I have applied this update by myself after translating it into greek and no issues at all.
ok, I'll try again from scratch maybe.
BTW, how do you apply the update? Do you use OpenRecovery to apply the update...I did it exactly how I initially put MIUI on.
Thanks for the help. I see 1.7.22 is out, so I think I'll start from there.
I'm sure the bug is fixed in the new version??
Not to go off-topic, but, if I just want to update to the latest, how do I do that (without it possible)? do I just start OpenRecovery and flash the latest? or must I perform a wipe first?
If you don't wana lose data you just wipe partition cache and dalvik cache