New Mic4 Owner Advice Needed Please.


Feb 12, 2016
Hello Everyone im a newbie here :)

Ive not tinkered with android devices since the HTC Hero android 1.5 days... From reading around lots have changed.

Ive just ordered myself a Mic4 (Fedup with WP)

Im stuggling to keep up with whats needed to get the internation rom installed. Or even just the play store.

Could some kind person explain what i need to do and in what order Please...... :)

Do i need to unlock the bootloader? From reading i need to do that via some site..... Do i need to install A dev rom?

I take it i need to install TWRP, to allow me to flash via the onscreen menu.

Also if i ever get it flashed will it do OTA updates? As once its working i will just leave it alone :)