New New MIUI - FB cannot login

Sep 17, 2011
Each time, i try to login FB in the new rom, it shows
Error promt:
Sorry, login Failed to reach Facebook servers. Please check
your network connection or try again later.
(Cannot verify hostname;
Hope, dear developers will find a solution very soon
Apr 12, 2013
I just had this problem today (literally 10 minutes ago), so I went on xda-developers. The problem is the contents of the hosts file. Here's what you do:

1. Open Root Explorer (or ES File Explorer)
2. Navigate to /etc/ and click the hosts file
3. Select ALL of the contents and delete it, then save. (DO NOT DELETE THE ENTIRE FILE OR YOU WILL GET BOOTLOOP, just delete the contents)
4. Reboot your phone, and voila! You can log in.

Thanks TheKnux from xda-developers! Link to OP