New options


Nov 27, 2010
Would be nice to see some options to not show things in the status bar like battery, clock etc. I would think its pretty easy to have an area you check or uncheck for showing those items. IMO its dumb to have a clock in the status bar and a clock on the main screen such as BW, FW etc..
this would be awesome to have built in... I've used scripts from others to remove the clock from the status bar but a built in option to remove/restore similair to how the battery display options are built in would be great. I like my homescreens to be clean, minimalist FTW, having a clock widget and a clock in the status bar is pointless to me.
agree, I normally have the weather/clock widget and one other on my home screen. I hate seeing multiple clocks and using scripts are fine but if none are made for the recent version.....