New SMS messages causing phone to reboot


May 19, 2011

My phone keeps on rebooting when a new sms arrives - so I dont actually get to see the SMS messages.

Its not a full reboot but more of a MIUI loading screen.

Any advise of a fix would be appreciated.

Check Superuser for the sms application permission. Select allow n reboot

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Yeah...having the same problem on my T-Mobile g2 myself. Didn't have google voice installed and it was doin it...installed it and still doin it
I'm still having the issues even after adjusting the settings for GV. I try to send a text and it freezes and reboots.
I had the same issue...when someone would send me a message the phone would do a hot restart. Turning off manage permission in the Superuser app fixed it. Thanks for the info!!!

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