New to Mi3 and need help on Theme

Aug 27, 2014
Hi, I just got a Mi3 and currently wanna change a fancy theme, manage to download a theme from the Mi china theme store and get it into the local theme in my phone. but could not apply the theme due to some error regarding third party

can anyone kind enough to help guide me on how can i solve this issue as i see those solution in this forum but i need someone help to guide step by step a little cause still not familiar with the phone at all

Apr 4, 2014
What third party? More exactly, what error do you get?
You cannot install themes that are not downloaded from the official theme app, that you got installed on your phone.
May 17, 2014
is the theme from theme app from the mi3 phone? If still yes, than maybe the theme isnt designed for the mi3! maybe for older mi1 or mi2!

Some boot animations wont scale properly since not being designd for mi3, yet i find them in the theme app,,its maybe a bit messy. PLease try another theme like matroska or orangina and see if that would work? i run matroska myself so it should be 100% fine

Maybe you need to flash latest mi3 rom if the app need fixing..