New Xiaomi Mi 11 5G NE Wi-Fi issues


Aug 9, 2022

I apologize if it's something discussed already , but I tried a lot of basic stuff and I am stuck. In a nutshell the Wi-Fi is super wierd
on most apps seem to work okay, but if I start a call via anything basically Google Duo, Messenger, Viber the connection is terrible dropped frames good bad excellent signal keeps rotating supper frustrating, if I restart the phone it's fine for a while and it starts again. I tried it on Data no probs same Wifi network/router two other phones mi 10 and a pixel have no issues...

any ideas sounds like a software thing, but I am worried if it's something hardware as I have a 30 day trial and after that it will be super hard to prove to warranty service the issue I am at such a cross road other wise I love the phone and prefer to keep it but I am at a loss for the moment

model: mi 11 lite 5g Ne 6/128gb for Europe
miui 13.0.9

Thank you in advance for your time.
order a new one, test, and send it back. Then you will know if it's the routers fault.