New Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra screen problem


Nov 17, 2023
A month ago I bought Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - Chinese version (8/256 GB).

Eleven days ago, I unlocked Bootload, installed TWRP and installed ROM "Xiaomi.EU_MULTI_MULTI_MI11114.0.11.0.kacnxm_v14-13".

After three days the screen suddenly became pale, the screen brightness has fallen vigorously. In night mode, black is actually gray, white is yellowish. It was virtually impossible to use in daylight.
After one day, the screen returned to normal. But yesterday the same screen mistake appeared.

I think the fault of the hardware nature but the seller convinces me that this is Xiaomi system version bug.

What do you think who is right?


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To answer myself:
On Sunday, I installed CN-ROM "Star_images_v14.0.11.0.kacnxm_20230914.000000_13.0_CN_5F8DF47D55" using "Miflashtool" to the phone. In doing so, the phone was completely wiped. The state of display remained the same, it is still equal pale and illegible in daylight.
I am sure now that this is hardware display error, so I want to return the phone and request a refund.