Newbie here, help understanding XIAOMI.EU project

Dec 1, 2018
I'm new to the world of xiaomi and I still have a few hours of waiting until I can unlock the bootloader of my global mi8. In the meanwhile I updated my mi8 to MIUI 10 global beta based on android pie but the rom is full of bugs and missing features and there's no way to go back to stable. So then I discovered but I have some questions.
The roms published here for the global mi8, both the weekly and the stable, are all based on the Chinese version? They have all the features we could expect from a global rom, right? There's no way I can install theese versions without unlocking bootloader, right?
Thanks in advance!

Igor Eisberg

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Oct 6, 2016
#2 ROMs are mostly (except POCO F1 and Redmi Note 3 SE) based on China ROM.
They are clean versions of China ROMs with global configurations, features from both China and Global ROMs and extra exclusive features we either developed or implemented according to user feedback.
You can't flash the ROMs without having TWRP on your device, and to flash TWRP you have to unlock the bootloader.
The ROMs are not rooted by default, so if you want root, you'll have to flash Magisk yourself after flashing the ROM.
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Dec 1, 2018
Mi 8 Global beta rom is missing features like the option to enable or disable the notch and bugs like AOD not showing notification icons. roms based on beta will still have this bugs, right?

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