Newbie Questions


Jan 5, 2017
Hey there,

after using iOS for more than six years (iPhone 4/5/6) I switched to Android on a Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime.
At first I had to get rid of the ******* shop rom, installed the Chinese stable, the Chinese developer, unlocked the boot loader, installed TWRP and finally flashed the rom.

Overall I'm quite impressed by the battery runtime, overall performance and haptic. As I already know, there are no OTA updates via and I have to manually download the rom and flash via TWRP like I did for the latest two updates. Is there any chance of bricking the Xiaomi just like that, or do I have to create a backup via TWRP, especially if I plan to update to the stable? I sometimes came across something called TWRP cofface. Benefits?

All in all the battery runtime is great (about 11h SOT in a little bit more than 3 days), but I wonder if it is normal, that android system sucks about 30% (in addition to android 10%) just like the screen. I know that the smartphone is new and optimizations might be lying ahead, but are there any unnecessary services I can restrict myself? Should I let the MIUI battery saver handle the apps, or should I handle them by myself? At the moment I only excluded one app called Llama, which turns my wi-fi automatically on and off if I leave my home or come back, based on carrier cells.

In 6.12.22 I noticed a small bug that was not present in 6.12.15 and still persists in 6.12.29:
photos previews are just white in the gallery, but if I swipe down and up I get the normal preview. I think I switched the location of photos to the sd card after updating to 6.12.22, could that caused the problem?

Keep the good work up and thank you for providing a smooth rom!
Nov 29, 2016
Cofface is the creator of TWRP for the Redmi 4 Pro. He is a member of Its just called Cofface TWRP because he is the only one that made TWRP for the Redmi 4 Pro until now.

About ''Android System'' its just a stockpile of other apps/services/modules that run on the background that are part of MIUI or the Android System, so yeah it is normal that it is your second most battery consuming ''app''.