Newbie - what's it all about?


Oct 26, 2018
Hi. I just got a Mi8 which has the official global rom and has its bootloader unlocked. From what I read I'm stuck - unable to use Google Pay and can't lock the bootloader without bricking it.

So I stumbled across this site. Can someone help me and tell me what it's all about please. Is your rom, based on xiaomi's, why do you exist, is it easy to install, will I brick my phone, why would I use the EU version.



Oct 30, 2016
15 is an unofficial MIUI variant based on MIUI China global. You won't get google pay with official MIUI because official MIUI was not certified with Google. But went through the trouble and did that. So google pay works for

of course there are other improvements. you can read it here:

If you have experience in flashing custom ROM before, this one is no different to others. There are tutorials written to teach people how to flash ROM in this forum. But if you haven't done it before and you are afraid of bricking your phone, I'd suggest you to ask a friend of get a mobile shop to do it for you.

I have just flashed on my new Mi8 last weekend and I get google pay working now. The only difficulty I found is that the supplied recovery.img file mentioned on this forum did not work for my MI8. So I had to try a few recovery files to get one that worked with my Mi8.