New NFC Card Emulator broke NFC Payments


Feb 10, 2022
Hello guys.
Mi8 with latest Stable MIUI12 from here. Phone rooted with Magisk and I have Lsposed installed.

I installed NFC Card Emulator to copy my college dorm room key so I can easily use my phone to open my room instead.

After installing NFC Card Emulator and activating the module on Lsposed the NFC Payments with my banking app stopped working. The payment terminals don't recognize the phone, when I tap the phone against them, nothing happens.

I really don't understand what's going on... I have everything set up correctly, HCE Wallet, NFC default payment set to the bank app, restore configs via the NFC Card Emulator and even reset the NFC via the phone settings.

Did the NFC Card Emulator broke something? Do I need to dirty flash the ROM again?



Oct 6, 2016
What you could try is.. fastboot flash back stock rom (without locking bootloader), reflash, would get rid of any software related issues that may persist after dirty flashes and factory resets (all data will be lost), if this doesn't work, hardware failure?