No DSP Manager?

Discussion in 'Mi General' started by Tommy300z, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. I noticed it was taken out deliberately for some reason. Dan Chinese. Is it possible that anyone could post a link to a later DSP manager file to install or flash. Or could it be possible for me to extract it from CyanogenMod's latest nightly? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for that. But not really worth the try. It is no where near as effective when it is included in the rom. Switching back to CM for the week as I am obsessed with perfect sounding music :D Hopefully it is in the next update again. Damn Chinese.
  3. Ok if you want an effective installation.... this is it...
    Needs to replace a file every time you flash a new rom....
  4. Thanks again. But I followed those instructions, still has same minimal effect and gets stuck on boot no matter what code I type in terminal.. I am actually just reverting to 1.6.17 for now, hoping that next week's update includes DSP.

    From latest Changelog:
    'Removed from the system to optimize DSP application package, please go to those who need to download network disk'

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