No keyboard dictionary

Apr 22, 2011
With the stock Android Gingerbread keyboard, there is no word dictionary. If I type 'perffect' instead of 'perfect', there is no auto correct because perfect, or any word, is not in the dictionary. Only words I enter will show up in the choice/correction row. Can this be fixed with a dictionary download? Anyways, just pointing that out.
Mar 1, 2011
I have the same problem.

Is this just an oversight? The dictionary was forgotten in the build? I have tried setting my language to other types of English but still no luck.

Right now I am using the google pinyin keyboard cos it has an english dictionary, altho a bad one, it will do for now.

Who knew how annoying a touch screen keypad is without auto correct and a dictionary!

Anyone have any ideas on a remedy for this please let us know!
Nov 21, 2010
The easiest way to fix this issue is to download 'gingerbread keyboard' from the Market. It's the exact keyboard that comes standard with gingerbread and it has auto correct and all the rest of the features that are missing from the current keyboard. Alternatively, you can also adb push the keyboard from a few packs ago that had the auto correct feature.