no os installed


Apr 16, 2021
hi guys.i am going to sell my mi 11 ultra soon. i made a factory reset of the phone. it rebooted and than i had some issues like no sd card error when taking photos. i checked on forum and peoples were talking about updating to solve this issue. so i decided to update from 12.5.2 stable if im not wrong to 12.5.9. I download latest stable version for mi 11 ultra and after i installed via twrp phone tells me that there is no os installed , even though instalation showed as succesfull. Only place i can visit right now its twrp.
What should i do to get phone back to life? thanks in advance.


Oct 6, 2016
Fastboot install global rom on it without locking, then keep it as is or reflash, boot up, remove your miui account which is needed after first boot, factory reset again, ready for selling.