New note 11e pro 5G problem with update


Nov 18, 2023
Hi everyone, I hope I'm not bothering you and that some developer can help solve this problem. today I tried again to install the latest firmware version available on sourceforge for my redmi note 11e pro. everything went ok but as I feared, 5g in the latest version no longer works (In the previous version called xiaomi.eu_multi_VEUX_V13.0.4.0.SKCCNXM_v13-12 the 5g worked perfectly).
I went into the network settings and selected 5G only as my preference. then I went to device info. I selected NR only and as I feared nothing... zero signal, even though it worked very well with the previous firmware. It's a shame to have a 5G smartphone and not be able to use it... I thank you in advance for the help I will receive. I hope a solution can be found, or that this problem can reach some developer who can fix it. thanks again for your attention.
NR state: restricted..... wy??