[Note 6 Pro] Problems after MIUI 11 update


Jan 20, 2020
Goodnight, I've got a Redmi Note 6 Pro. After upgrading at MIUI 11 starts to give me some problems:

1- When I close any app that require to use background camera (like What'sApp and Instagram) MIUI 11 starts to show me a Security notify that say like "Whasapp is using camera in background, tap to manage permission". That bad notify appear every time I close or put in background Whastapp and Ig. I've deny permission to Security to show push notify but it starts to show me the LED light!.. also when I've denied the perimssion to use the LED.

2- Double tap to activate screen, after a while from when screen is locked, don't work more. It work for..I don't know.. one minute?! so it don't work more long.

3- WhatsApp push notify stopped to work after MIUI 11 updated. I've checked permission tasks but all permission are ok, I had also deleted whatsapp clearing all data but nothing changed.

Very good hardware/price Xiaomi but at every update new struggle happen...
Problemi dopo aggiornamento MIUI 11

Hoping that you can help me, thank's.
Problemi dopo aggiornamento MIUI 11