Notification Issues


Aug 24, 2022

Apologies if this is a non issue that I'm just not grasping. Running MIUI Stable on a Xiaomi 12x (Although issue was present on MIUI 13 before upgrading). I have the Galaxy watch 2 active along with my phone.

The galaxy watch will vibrate on average about 3 times an hour to indicate that it has lost connection with the phone. This hasn't been a massive issue as I have always ended up getting my notifications, but I'm wondering if this was the first sign of the issue.

Recently none of the apps on my phone have been giving push notifications, unless I open the app. Obviously this is causing issues as I am missing messages and emails due to this. Even when I send a message on say whatsapp, I usually press home as soon as I hit send. I would leave my phone for an hour, when I return to open whatsapp the message only then sends and gets delivered since I opened the app again.

The reason I feel this is an issue is because I all of these apps set to autostart and they have all been given exceptions in battery saver (which has also been set to performance) but it's not helping the issue.

There have been a few times when I would get a push notification, but then I see the notification disappear from my screen as I unlock my phone

Does anyone have any advice on This?

Thanks in advance
I am having very similar issues and am trying to figure it out as well. SMS messages come through perfectly, but apps like Signal, Shopify, Gmail, eBay are all delayed or never notify me at all! I love this phone but man this is such a dealbreaker.
Im also having this problem, however i think i didnt had it on MIUI 13, Im using a Xiaomi 12 (cupid) and i dont get notifications, and some of them (like facebook, youtube) ocasionally disappear and most of them, like Telegram only come when i open the app.

Hope someone has any fix for this
Same here, Xiaomi 12 with Miui and no notifications for Outlook, Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal etc...Very risky for work when I miss stuff for hours

Very thankful for any tips
Same issue here, but only some applications are failing to notify, some others don't.

Disabling the face unlock really fixes the problem? It is a known issue?