New NUWA on 13 Pro CN - Lag on main navigation buttons


Jun 7, 2023
First time user, so direct me if I need to post this differently.
Just got a CN version of the 13 Pro. 1st time, clean wipe & flashed the NUWA TMBCNXM rom.

Mostly great experience, except I sometimes get horrible lag using the main 3 navigation buttons at bottom of the screen.
Mostly, its using the square home button icon eg: Have launched an app, press home icon to return to home screen, the touch is recognised on the icon, but the home screen can take 1-5 seconds to appear. Not 100% of the time, but doesn't matter what app Im using at the time.

Have also noticed lag launching apps. EG: tap Google Play, 4 second pause before it appears. Again, not 100% of the time. No pattern to the affected app or time it happens.