[others] No Sound / Led Notification On Certain Apps (global Stable Rom)


Jul 11, 2011
I just got my Redmi Note 4X (16GB/3GB RAM Snapdragon 625 version) and am having a slight problem - there's no sound or blinking led when I receive a notification from certain apps. The display lights up, the notification actually shows on the screen, but there's no sound whatsoever (and after 10 seconds when the screen turns off there is no led notification as well).

Here are a few examples:

On Gmail app, SMS, missed calls, all is working well - there's sound and the led is blinking.
On Clash Royale (game app), when I receive a notification I only hear sound, but notification light isn't working.
On some other apps both sound and light don't work

All the app notifications are turned ON from settings, all the permissions are granted as well.

I'm using the Global Stable ROM version (latest) and my phone is NOT unlocked or rooted.

Any idea what the problem is and can someone help me fix it?

P.S. And another small issue - there's no preview on the gmail lockscreen notification (it just says 1 email received, but I'm not able to preview it). Any idea why's that? Again, all the settings are turned on, show full content is also selected from the settings, but still it doesn't show a preview (for example on which exact email am I receiving it, cause I have several emails connected to the gmail app, or from who the email is).
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Oct 31, 2017
I have the same device and my sound has dropped significantly, have you solved the problem?