Password Generated On Google

Oct 11, 2015

I'm a recent and happy miui user ( summer 2015).
I just received mi4c phone to replace my old phone which was on miui pro ROM.
Nice phone this mi4c. Multilang ROM 5.11.5 is now installed and all is working fine. Juste a small issue when connecting to play store.. I'll try to explain... Usually i connect all my Android devices to google account with a 16 caracters password generated on my Google account ( using my PC) . may be i make my life complicated but i do this way... On multi lang ROM, i did apply same process: connect to my Google account on my PC , in application password (safety) add a device and generate a password. Then on mi4c i launch play store , it asks my gmail adress, fine, then password. But if refuses the 16 caracters application password generated on my Google account. It requires (and works only with) my account password.

Is it no more possible to work this way on Android 5.1 ?
May be i'm worried too much using my Google account password directly on my phone (was hacked in the past but using stronger Google password and 2 steps validation since long time and then application password on my androids...that's why).

Tks in advance for your replies.