Planning to buy a Mi 11 Ultra


Aug 18, 2021
Hi everyone,
I'm planning to buy a Mi 11 Ultra CN Version and flash it with ROM.
I was considering buying an Oppo Find X3 Pro, as Global Version of Mi 11 Ultra is unavailable anywhere, but the ROM seems to be the good option with less cost.

But I have a few questions before :

1 - With ROM will I be able to unlock my phone with finger print, find it with my Google Account or make payments with my phone (as these are things I often do with my current phone) ?
I'm asking because I've seen tutorials where when unlocking the bootloader a message appeared that warned about that, but on this forum it seems to say that it has all the same features as the locked chinese versions, included those features as the bootloader is somewhat hidden, so I assume it should work.

2 - Also, on this link :
I can see 2 options to flash the ROM.
My question is, can I flash the ROM directly with TWRP at first time,
or do I need to do it the old flashboot way first, and then when I will have unlocked bootloader and flashed ROM, I will be able to do it with TWRP ?
Or maybe the old way is now deprecated ?



Oct 3, 2019
Hello and welcome! :)

1 - It's a yes for all your questions.

2 - You can flash any recent ROMs by (for your device) with TWRP at first time.

Avoid the deprecated fastboot installation method (less safe).

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