Play Store Error Rh-01

Feb 21, 2016
So, after installing the new updated ROM, my Redmi 3 won't let me enter Google Play Store. The Error 'RH-01' pops up.

All answers online include removing my google account from my phone, clearing data and cache from PlayStore app, and re-setting manually time and date. I did the last two solutions, they didn't work.

So I have to remove my account. BUT I go to 'Other Accounts' - 'My Gmail account' and 'more' and select 'Remove Account'. And I can't do it. It says 'This change isn't allowed by your administrator'

I tried a couple of things, re-installed the PlayStore app, nothing worked. Any ideas before I factory reset? Especially any ideas for solving the 'adminstrator' problem?
Feb 11, 2016
I think I got a similar error when I first tried to add google apps and services on to my redmi 3. All installed and I logged in fine but got an error downloading. Took a while for all the services etc to sync in and update before it'd let me do anything.

Think I had to leave it for a while before they all cliked in (same thing happened when i installed it all on my fire tablet).

As to the administrator bit I'm afraid I cannot help.